Big Ghini

Brian “Big Ghini” Fludd is from Santee, SC. He was raised with two older siblings in a single parent home where singing was as common as brushing his teeth. Growing up Ghini was bashful; because he was bigger than the other kids,  he was considered a loner, he didn’t quite fit into popular circles. This led to Ghini figuring out his own way to express himself.

Ghini attended a church where his entire family participated in the church choir.  His father was once a DJ and his older brothers worked with some of South Carolina’s most notable gospel, hip hop/ R&B artists. Being surrounded by so much talent, the singer turned rapper found it easy to put words together.  He found his confidence by featuring for some of the more popular artists in his area.

Being a fan of multiple genres of music, Ghini found his diverse style. He would listen to mixtapes and imagine himself being the “best rapper alive”.  Composing music became Big Ghini’s new love. While his peers encouraged him to play sports because of his size, all Ghini wanted to do was make music. Recording his voice on anything that had a microphone; including the sound recorder on his personal computer, Big Ghini honed his lyrical skills and would also make beats from time to time.

Big Ghini thought that he would fulfill family expectations by attending college. The rapper managed to graduate from Allen University with honors receiving a bachelors degree in Social Science. Shortly after, Ghini realized the work force wasn’t for him; he wanted to be his own boss. He would pack his degree away and pull out the microphone he put down when he went to college

In 2014 Ghini and his high school homie created a song called “Juice” which featured Gorilla Zoe. The song became popular in the South Carolina market and gave him the notoriety he needed to show that he could make industry quality music.

Fast Forward to 2016 Ghini has teamed up with Stay Focused Music Group to make magic. The rapper hopes to stand up and stand out among the SFMG family, bringing his own unique style to the crew.  Big Ghini knows it will take hard work, dedication and consistency. Watching his mom work hard, raising his twin daughters, and fulfilling his dreams are his motivation. Ghini’s creates memorable music; winning is his only option.