Halo is a ring of light or heavenly phenom this is what Edrikus “HALO” Brown thinks of himself and his music. This Montgomery, Alabama native has been fascinated with music since the age of eight. First studying percussion at an early age, he began crafting rhymes and poems to his music. By high school he was known throughout the area as a fierce battle rapper with mainstream worthy punch lines. Opting to go the military instead of college, Halo really began studying hip hop and crafting his style. Inspired by serving in the War, Halo changed his braggadocio flossing style of music to more a hip hop based uplifting sound. Focused on bringing lyricism back to the forefront.

Halo’s fans always comments on the substance in his lyrics. His ability to craft music from personal experience is unmatched since the late 2pac.

“I pride myself on being able to relate to everyone, even those not into hip hop music”. In concert, Halo creates a personal experience by giving listeners a wide range of music.

Through it all his message of Hope, musicianship, lyricism and storytelling resonates.