KG the Artist

Born in the late 80’s, Keith “KG the Artist” Gilliard represents Eutawville SC. The son of one of the hottest DJs in the 90’s, KG developed a love for music at a very early age.

As a youth, “KG the Artist”, would bear witness to what the streets had to offer. He watched both his peers and the family members he looked up to sentenced to years in prison because of the drug trade in the Carolinas. After a few brushes with the law himself, KG decided that instead of chasing a lifestyle that would lead to metal bars and rap sheets, he would create his own bars and create files of rap sheets. Music would be his way out the trap. KG combined his passion for music with his hunger to perform, and saw that; not only could he fulfill his itch to make his mark on the music industry, but he could also provide an opportunity to set an example that would help improve the lives of the people around him.

“I dream about the day; when I can see my mom’s face, when she see all those bills paid, debt free kick up ya feet, I think about my god kids who dad just caught fifteen, I think about my dog I lost not in the flesh but mentally.”

Having a father who was a staple in the music community gave KG access to new music and recording equipment. His ear would be tuned at an early age and KG went on to understand the recording and editing process. Recording and writing for local artist in his community allowed KG to experiment, he became versatile yet particular in his music selection.

Working as a short order cook at a chain restaurant, KG decided to take a leap of faith and quit his job to educate himself. He enrolled himself into South Carolina State University as a Mass Communications major. KG has not only learned a great deal about photography and being a videographer; he has managed to maintain a 3.7 GPA in his 4th semester at SCSU in the process.

KG is determined to make music with substance, the type of music the audience can feel. KG is driven to touch hearts through music. He aims to break down the northern vs. southern barriers with a combination of rap styles, colorful lyrics, versatile styles, energetic delivery and a melodic voice that commands your attention.

With a passion for performing and the love of music KG strives to become one of hip hop’s greatest of all times.