The daughter of Abdullah Meriwether and Nova Hodge, Skii is a 90s baby. Sakyah Meriwether known as “Skii”, was born and raised in Franklin, Virginia. A small town girl, Skii was raised in a single parent home by her mother, who is known on the streets of VA as “Nova Cane”. Being one of the most lyrical artist of her time, Nova kept Skii surrounded by thought provoking minds and good music. Skii would learn every song Nova made and soon began writing her own. Keeping to herself she was ridiculed for her poetry. In Skii’s middle school years; she, her mother, step father, little brother, and older sister moved to Mullins, South Carolina. It was there she realized her talents and honed her writing skills. Soon after, it would be a move to New York with her grandfather that changed Skii’s view on music. Her grandfather, Marvin Hodge, otherwise known as “Gemini”, a known guitar player and was key in Skii’s exposure to different cultures and music genres. Skii’s aunt recognized her talent and felt she should nurture her craft by attending a school for gifted young people like herself. Among her many interested schools; Skii was accepted into LaGuardia School for Music and Art. Coming into her own, at 16 Skii began writing for herself and others. It would be another unexpected move that would allow Skii to cross paths with her destiny. Skii’s family moved to Orangeburg, SC in 2009. She was unimpressed with the local music scene in the Orangeburg mostly because her style of music was focused on lyrical content. In search for a worthy recording studio, Skii heard about a rapper, who also had a great ear for recording music, by the name of KG the Artist. At first meet, the two would make a lasting musical connection. While recording her, KG immediately noticed her talents and after just one song, introduced her music to his team at Stay Focused Music Group. The team immediately felt it necessary to make a mutual commitment to grow with this young fresh talent. Currently Skii is working on her self titled EP “Skii: Limitless.”