At the age of 16 Terrell “Tee Time” Boyd decided he would pick up a microphone to tell the world his story. Educated in the public schools of Columbia, SC, Tee Time would spend his lunch breaks showing off the poetic lyrics he created in class. Tee Time would wow his peers with his word play and dramatic stories about the ills of society going on outside the walls of the school. Criticized for his music being too positive, Tee spoke about life issues that we ahead of his time. His lyrics were so real that he gained the attention of older artists who were moving quietly around his city; doing his first feature and video in 11th grade.

Tee’s music was loved by anyone who took the time to listen. In January 2012 Tee Time was introduced to the executive producer of Stay Focused Music Group, an independent record label that focuses on talent development. Under the guidance of Stay Focused Music Group, Tee would jump of the school bus and fall directly into the studio. Reading and recording music weekly for the entire year of 2012 would give Tee the foundation he needed to hone his skills. With the help of his label mates, Tee Time learned the mechanics of his craft and began to understand the importance of having a strong team behind him.  Tee Time would perform at cookouts, local talent shows, and any event that allow him.

In 2013, along with label mates King AG and KG the Artist, Tee Time released a joint project by the name of Stay Focused Volume 1: The Album. This album would gain notoriety in various local areas in South Carolina and Tee would finally get his recognition as “the youngest in charge”. With songs like “Young N Wild” and “Plate for Plate” Tee would show his ability to express his fun side. Growing up in a single parent household taught some hard lessons; these lessons came out in the booth as “Take a Stand”. “Take a Stand” is a powerful message to parents of the youth; encouraging them to be supportive of their children.

Fast forward to 2015; after traveling all over the east coast, from Miami to Ohio performing and promoting himself and the Stay Focused Music Group team, Tee Time has grown into his moniker “The Youngest in Charge”. With the loss of his Grandfather and real life experiences of his own, Tee Time found himself and a new way to deliver his music. Instead of reporting from what he heard, he could know speak from what he knows.

Tee Time is released his Album/EP Perfect Timing on July5th. His debut single “Racks” is lyrical bling to the ears; with lines like “pockets on Uncle Phil Tummy, I just want the money baby, I just want the money…” Tee Time uses clever metaphors and popular lingo to show his level of confidence. His latest single/video “Go Get It” is a message that you have the power to get exactly what you want in life. Catering to the ladies with songs like “69” and “kick it”, Tee is sure to get them dancing. Outstanding production crafted specifically for Tee Time by South Carolina stellar producers Jetsonmade, Krownholdaz, and Soul Architects creates a sonic masterpiece. This project is will solidify Tee Time as an industry favorite.