Stay Focused Music Group artist King AG delivers his debut album Beast Mode with very little fanfare (not much promo, no visuals). King AG still manages to make a project that golden era hip-hop enthusiasts would agree was long overdue.  The album was completely produced by the SFMG in house production team Soul Architects and their affiliates Razor Blade Productions.   This gives the album a consistent hip hop feel throughout the listen.  The album kicks off with self titled smooth classic Beast Mode.  King AG raps over a chilling piano loop, “Put me on the corner, and watch me go beast mode”, which sets the tone for the project.  Next up, How We Ride at first listen makes you think he is talking about a female; listen closely and you find that the song is actually an ode to his automobile.  King AG provides a brass pimp like delivery on the misogynic July where he pieces bars together over a wicked Patti Labelle sample.  The song Closer is an instant classic, with an R &B assist by singer Boobie V.  Boobie V’s vocals gives you chills as King AG reflects on friends he’s lost to the streets, and how he’s striving to make it to that other part of life where he is successful and worry free.  Other strong cuts on this album provide a hip hop essence reminiscent of the 90’s hip hop era include but are not limited to ; We Free ; Nite Theme; and Steel Grindin.

King AG’s debut album shows an artist that has grown from “kid” to a “King”.  This album is definitely worth a listen.  Lyrically King AG holds his own.  His ability to paint a picture with words is masterful.