Stay Focused Music Group recording artist, KG The Artist, introduces his debut album Rough Draft.  This album takes the listener on a journey through KG’s artistic eyes. This album literally puts you in KGs shoes for a few minutes.  The project begins by taking you back to the year 1988, when KG was born.  Over an intro track you hear several sound bytes of what that year sounds like.  The real moment is when KG’s mom yelling at a young KG to leave his dad’s turntables alone interrupts the music.

The opening track is a vibrant record titled “Issues” produced by WILPWR of SuperHotBeats.  This sets the tone for the the album. “Damn I miss the 90s/if I was born a decade sooner/BIG and Pac would be my homies/ aint no beef we gettin money.”    The next record is a fun record, “Fool Up”.  With its catchy hook and clever delivery, this record is guaranteed to get a party started.  “Porsche Dreams”, which features KG’s label mates, Halo and Skii. is a high energy cut in which the trio share verses about envisioning success.  KG demonstrates that he has a real knack for creating songs with clever hooks.

“Feel me or Kill me” is another song produced by WilPwr, with KG delivering strong bars over an intense baseline.  “Almost Did It” is a track that tackles KG’s struggle with nearly breaking out of the “friend zone” with a close female friend.  “Kush Vibes” is an up-tempo, reggae-sampled track, produced by Dilemma of Soul Architects.  KG takes listeners to his hometown in SC by recounting events of police brutality and growing up in the country with very few options.

The album closes with “Loveless” where KG gives an introspective on love and relationships, with poetic lines like “I could never understand why/ we love the ones that hurt us/we hurt the ones that love us.” Finally is “Gone Zone” a tribute to The Notorious BIG.  KG flips several of Biggie’s famous lyrics.  KG was greatly influenced by BIG and 2pac exhibited in the first bar of the album.  Overall, this is a very good listen; solid production, interesting lyrical content and very personal.  If this is KG’s Rough Draft, I look forward to hearing his version of a finished product.