Halo delivers his debut release on SFMG entitled The Refinement. This  EP showcases the Montgomery, Alabama native’s talent for giving you cutting edge truth laced over serious production. By definition, Refinement is the process of removing impurities or unwanted elements from a substance,  and improving it through a series of physical challenges. Halo, being the son of a minister, found the title, The Refinement, befitting as the title for his first EP. Balancing family expectations with his dreams of becoming one of hip hops greatest, with The Refinement; Halo the ‘artist’, takes you on a journey through the physical challenges that allows him to transform into Halo the ‘man’.

The song Deliverance Day focuses on his reformation as an artist, “I paid attention to the legends and learned how to play the game/I found my own lane, yeah I found my own lane” and then shows growth as a man with “sometimes you gotta break your old history/just to make ya own history/ “.

Kings & Dreams is an introspective song that showcases his insecurities and questions about the environment that molded him.  Halo gives you a glimpse into the racial/violent issues in today’s America on the haunting song Warm Gun.  On songs like Widescreen, Halo and fellow SFMG artist KG the Artist show how they cope with day to day life by smoking marijuana. Halo exhibits the balance of being a gentleman and misogynist  on the song Mackstroll; women love the Aaliyah inspired production on this one. While songs like Drive Slow will surely make you nod your head in satisfaction, listen for the small jewels Halo drops in songs like Be Young and Dreaming.

Overall, this EP is special; quality production, outstanding lyrics, and a wave of emotions that will take you on a ride you will never forget.